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What are some good gay anime where boys kiss boys and girls kiss girls?
where 2 boys fall in love with each other. lots of kissing scene need to be in the anime please
Try this website:…
Why do only gay anime boys act fun and exciting like anime girls (no anime haters)?
I was wandering why is it that the only anime boys that act remotly as funny and exiting as anime girls are the ones in Yaoi E.g. Gravitaion.

It just kind of bothers me that they don't make any straight anime boys that act fun, and exiting like the anime girls do.

I mean they support anything else that could be ridiculed such as homosexuality, crossdressing etc so why not boys acting more like the girl characters for once without being gay.

Sorry if this sound more like a rant then a question I was just wandering if I could get your opinion on the subject
its all about fanservice
Are all anime boys gay?
hey people im just wondering your opinion on this i mean in any anime they will see a girl naked for one reaso or another and what happens they run away i mean what is wrong with them
Straight answer: No
Anime that I saw I have a q about two gay boys where one loves the other, and the other one is not sure yet.?
I saw it in a youtube video but I am not sure what it was called. Please help me out.
the GENRE you are talking about is Shonen-ai/Yaoi.

Shonen Ai from my understanding is just a much more relaxed version between two gay guys where in Yaoi there seems to be more sexual stuff in it. That's what i've been told.

the ANIME though...well, there are actually a lot of animes that have two guys that are gay. So like someone said, if you can find the video and post it up, someone probably will be able to tell which anime it is.
Okay if they're aren't any good anime shows out there what are some gay ones a teen boy can watch?
i just asked a ? and i didn't get many answers so what are some gay anime shows a boy can watch
Try sex pistols it's a great gay anime and fake about two gay cops .

I need an anime /manga with really hot boys?
plssssssss i really need some hot boys i've already watched fushigi yugi and ayashi no ceres and for those who knows it they know that they have some really hot guys so give some suggestion and don't give me gays anime because it kills me to see gay hot boy .
please clarify if its a manga or series
and please give me the name of a guy that named dunno he have a blond hair and he loves cats
Anime and Manga:
Vampire Knight
Ouran High School Host Club
The Wallflower
Fruits Basket
Hana Kimi

Manga only:
Absolute Boyfriend
Midnight Secretary
Skip Beat
Angel Sanctuary
Alice 19th

Hope these are what your looking for =)
What are some good novels about gay guys?
My friend just recently got me into shonen-ai (anime boys' love) and what can I say? It's addicting! Anyway, does anybody know any good regular novels about gay boys? I've read Freak Show (which was absolutely effing hilarious, by the way) and Hero (which was good too).
Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger
Strange Brother by Blair Niles
Rainbow Road by Alex Sanchez
Does anyone know any gay anime/anime movies?
like, about gay boys??? (Maybe with vampires if possible... :P)
Junjou Romantica is my favorite! but there's a lot like

Kire papa
Gakuen Heaven
and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (not finished yet)

those are my top ones
Why is anime turning emo and the boys look like girls?
why is anime turning so gay and emo i mean the boys look like girls… see with their big hair and bangs and huge eyes and ridiculously small pointy noses. and now most aspiring artist are adapting the anime style which is really sad. i mean look at this crap… yuck its unoriginal and crappy . sure there are some anime exceptions like this… its original. but i still wish people would start making their own style rather than adapting this bug eyed crap and don't give me that " big eyes express emotion" nonsense becuase there are plenty of ways to express emotion without having to draw people with eyes the size of melons…
Your question is misleading as all of your links go to manga influenced sites rather than any anime.

You may prefer this artist's manga influenced style. Maybe not. But these guys don't look like girls. I can say that since I know one of the people whose face inspired one of the guys and he definitely does not look like a girl. Neither in real life nor in this web comic.

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