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For young, hardcore lifelong Christians.?
Do you feel like your missing out on experiencing things that non religious people seem to find so appealing - like smoking, drinking, gambling and casual sex with other people wives?
Do you ever wonder what freedom from your beliefs would be like?

(Personally I've wondered what it would be like to have such a strong faith in God - but I'm simply not wired to understand it!)
I will answer on behalf of my two teenage guyren - A BIG, RESOUNDING, NO! Parents who raise their guyren on a steady diet of "fornication is OK as long as you protect yourselves," "homosexuality is an innocent, alternate lifestyle," "drink but don't get drunk," etc, don't know what's best for their guyren, and they're taking them to hell. SHAME on them! Both my guyren live VERY simple lives, and I'm GLAD that we won't have the TRAUMA of STDs, UNWANTED PREGNANCIES, DEAD BRAIN CELLS, LUNG CANCER, ETC, ANYTIME SOON.

EDIT: If the inhabitants defile a land with THEIR FILTHY DEEDS, THE LAND WILL VOMIT THEM OUT. Leviticus 18:25: "And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants."
Sinister Britpop vs. Southern angst! Pulp's This Is Hardcore or Kings of Leon's Youth & Young Mahood?
NOTE: I know this is a super-random pairing, but just go with it. lol

Pulp's This Is Hardcore (1998)
1. "The Fear"
2. "Dishes"
3. "Party Hard"
4. "Help the Aged"
5. "This Is Hardcore"
6. "TV Movie"
7. "A Little Soul"
8. "I'm a Man"
9. "Seductive Barry"
10. "Sylvia"
11. "Glory Days"
12. "The Day After the Revolution"
13. "Like a Friend" (certain pressings)

Kings of Leon's Youth & Young Manhood (2003)
1. "Red Morning Light"
2. "Happy Alone"
3. "Wasted Time"
4. "Joe's Head"
5. "Trani"
6. "California Waiting"
7. "Spiral Staircase"
8. "Molly's Chambers"
9. "Genius"
10. "Dusty"
11. "Holy Roller Novocaine"/"Talihina Sky"

Which album do you prefer?

Bonus Q: Favorite song on This Is Hardcore?
Bonus Q2: Favorite song on Youth & Young Manhood?
Bonus Q3: "Common People" vs. "Use Somebody," which song do you prefer?
LOL :P You asked this so late/early! I want more people to answer and acknowledge that Y&YM IS THE BETTER ALBUM.


BA: "This Is Hardcore" followed by "Like a Friend"
BA2: "Holy Roller Novocaine"
BA3: Common People.

(I'm going to gloat when KoL wins--you've been warned)
Does using hardcore drugs at a young age do this?
stupid question, i just want to get more facts.
if someone smoked a lot of weed (at ages 10-12), drank alcohol weekly (from ages 11-13), used very large amounts of ecstasy (rolling atleast 100 times between ages 12-13) and snorting cocaine a few times (at age 12), could this drug use be significantly riskier and have worse effects on this person since they were so young? like, if they were older, would the damage be less? details please.
thank you.
All of these things would be extremely damaging to a young persons brain and body. These drugs have a substantial amount of chemicals in them that will not only kill a number of brains cells but burn little holes in your developing brain that don't ever heal. It could lead to early alzheimers disease and loss of long term and short term memory. Your liver and guyneys will have to work harder to get poisonous toxins out of your body. It only promoted bad health and medical bills later down the road. Drugs also lead to depression and other personality issues. The drugs will also release chemicals in your body that aren't supposed to be relseased at that time, making it hard for you to realease them when it is time.. such as endorphins that make you happy and natural pain killers. The body is a unique and complex thing, along with the brain which scientists havent even come to understand yet. Putting poisonous drugs into it at a young age will leave you seeing the consequences later in life and they wont be fun. A psychiatrist once told me that the day you start taking drugs is the day you stop growing emotionally.. because all they do is blind you and numb you from the real world, so that when you do stop them you're still that little guy in a 45 year olds worn out old dehydrated unhealthy body with bad liver, guyneys, heart, and slow active brain.
Why are young women so insanely attracted to the hardcore, mean, jerks?
I had been a sweet, kind and caring guy for most of my life and it has got me nowhere with women. My friend is this hardcore looking guy who shaves his head and has a goatee. He is probably the meanest and biggest jerk to women that I have ever seen. The thing that makes no sense is that he usually has women crawling all over him?? I would say that I am quite a bit better looking than him too. I now realize that even though women may act like they don't like those guys that they do. At the end of the day out of the "nice,sweet,caring" guy and the "hardcore, bada**, jerk, bad boy" it is the hardcore, bada**, jerk, bad boy that the girl will go home and think about.. I know this is true because I was on a dating site and was so nice and polite and got nothing. Then I got so fed up that I just spoke my mind and guess what a couple of days later I got like 3 messages sayin things like " your a bad boy huh?, I like that" and "something about your bad attitude is making me hot". This doesn't make sense why is it like this?? Its like if you treat a girl bad enough she will leave at first but then she will come running back and pounce on you. I just saved my head and grew a goatee and I notice I get a lot more second looks because I look more hardcore and badboyish.
I bet you he doesn't whine about "how come nobody likes me" nearly as much as you, either. I'm not saying you're a bad guy, I'm just saying you're unappealing.
How do people think Call of Duty 4 is a "Hardcore game"?
Have these young little guys turned gaming into this casual noob fest where popular easy to play games are considered hardcore? Have they ever played Mega Man or Ninja Gaiden? Have they even played Rainbow Six?
Call of Duty 4 isn't a hardcore game at all. If you hand the controller to a guy who has never played any Call of Duty game, he'll still probably get a couple kills. On the other hand, if you hand a complete noob Rainbow Six Vegas 2, he will probably get 0 kills and like 20 deaths just because it's harder to play. I still like COD4 though cuz it's still a good shooter and just a lot of fun to play. As for Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden, I can't really help you because im not into those games
What are some good hardcore techno songs?
I want to get a couple of songs so i can play them at my b-day party .... i need some songs that are clean ... no bad words moaning etc. there are going to be young guyren there. I dont mind if any of them say something about killing . So it would be great if anyone has a list of some hardcore techno songs. Thanks :)

- madisson
Here are a few songs by "liberatingpulse" that I think would be great for a rave-type party.…………
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :D

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